Experts address Fukushima-related radiation concerns

News 4 has been getting calls and emails from viewers who have heard there are increased levels of radiation here now because of the Fukushima, Japan nuclear meltdown in 2011. So On Your Side reporter Ashley Cullins asked the experts if you should be worried about your health.

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kebiryfy - 2/4/2014 6:49 AM
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wilson - 2/3/2014 4:32 PM
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Kramer, Kramer, Kramer! There you go again. You are right and everyone else is wrong. I'm sure you have worn a Dosimeter but I am wondering if it was working. Was it an EPD, QFD or TLD? Or was it a Film Badge Dosimeter? And this makes you an expert? You the man!!!!! I'm so impressed!

ella281 - 2/3/2014 2:26 PM
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steven - 2/1/2014 12:02 PM
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Experts ? capitilizm is at risk by lack by them. trust is non-exsistant the entire pacific ocean is now contaminated .they do have any credibility Now. Paid Pointless bloogers

Kramer - 1/30/2014 1:37 PM
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Wilson, you're 'drifting' again. I have worn a radiation monitoring badge and used a Neutron Probe (densitometer). Did U know a smoke detector emits radiation?. It takes a little college or tech training (a few hours) & some faith in our scientific establishment to understand the reality. The rest is ranting, useless conjecture.

Parthasarathy - 1/30/2014 5:46 AM
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Lack of domain knowledge can lead to paranoia. Trust people who knows. If this sort of radiation phobia can take over public's mind in USA, what will be the fate of people in other countries. Every one near any beach in the West coast of USA conjures up the presence of the usual suspect the long shadow of the nuclear accident in Japan in March 2011! Please see the panic created by the presence of high radiation levels in Californian beaches.This writer noted that the US geologists discovered monazite, a mineral containing thorium, a naturally radioactive material in those beaches over 109 years ago. D T Day reported it in 1905. The monumental book titled "The Geologic Occurrence of Monazite" by William C Street, referred to it. No news outlet cared to locate such an authentic source of information and convey it to the concerned public.You do not need a Ph D to be an expert in environmental radioactivity. All soils contain radioactivity. The top one meter soil in any area, of 0.1 acre, contains mainly the following important, naturally occurring radioactive materials. Potassium: 11,200 kg (it has 1.28 kg of potassium-40, a radioactive isotope of potassium); thorium: 3.6 kg and uranium: one kg. In high level natural radiation areas of Kerala, a State in the south west corner of India thorium levels are ten times more. I tried my best to place some of these issues in mainstream news papers. They do not care. Every one wants sensation. (Environmental radioactivity is one of the topics I specialized in!) K S Parthasarathy Ph.D

fblocker - 1/29/2014 7:43 AM
0 Votes This guy doesn't have a Ph.D. This country is full of people with doctoral degrees. I am one. It seems to me that a story looking for experts would find a scientist with a Ph.D. and peer reviewed articles on the subject in question.

Dankster - 1/28/2014 8:37 PM
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Starfish, sometimes called Sea Stars, have been dying off along the entire west coast of North America and observers have seen them literally "melting" in place. One day healthy looking, the next disintegrated. There are also reports of the entire Sardine population in the western Pacific completely disappearing this year. Google it! It's even being reported in the MSM. Not to say it's known that these incidents are resulting from Fu**shima radiation, but what could it be? Warming oceans? Something is happening and nobody seems to know exactly why. By the way, why wasn't I allowed to post my comment with the word F.U.K.U.S.H.I.M.A spelled out? The message I get is "Your comment text contained a form of the censored word Fu***shima" and cannot be posted" Good grief!

MartinSansone - 1/28/2014 7:13 PM
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Quote: "Modern technology shows that there is no increased level of radiation due to Fu ku," he said." So the EPA had no need to raise safety levels for radionuclides by 24,000 times in the last two years then ? By the way, before nuclear weapons and power stations - so called "background" radiation was virtually zero. show spikes regularly happening in waves across the country reaching 400 clicks per minute. But hush hush... its clearly all good for us.

charlie155 - 1/28/2014 4:28 PM
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These experts speak like fools, so i suspect there creditials. First off it isnt the radiation that is the worry, its the radioactive particle that this radiation uptick is evident of. Inhaling or ingesting these particles is deadly. "Normal" radiation like the kind they tell you isnt bad, has nothing to do with radioactive particles. That is just radiation, already emitted energy that passes through you. You cant inhale or ingest radiation The other wrong thing said is if all of nuclear material got into the ocean it would be no problem. Who is that guy???? There is 150 TONS of molten cores, what they call coruim, unaccounted for and admittedly have no idea where they are. 150 tons, and it would only take a few pounds of this stuff to contaminate the entire earth, let alone 150 tons. As for the previous nuclear testing and mishapps. Those was one time releases/explosions or accident, except for chynobl. But at daihci the release has been continual and unchecked for 3 years now. In the air, ocean and soil. Not just one release... continual. Not good. Soon it will be in the rain. That japan shut off the social media in oct 2013 and then in nov passed that secrecy law. That tells you where there head is. They contaminated 30 mill people in toyko, and now its starting to show. They had to keep the lid on it as long as they can. I hope they are held responsible for there deeds. Doubt that will happen. NOw that this is all history, its best to educate yourself. Go to the real sources and gain the knowledge to get a little understanding of this problem and how to deal with it, if at all possible. With the misinformation out there it is hard to tell what is right. Then you will be armed with the knowledge to make a informed personal decision concerning nuclear problems. Only smart way to approach this.

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