Burning man arrest count released

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Updated: 9/10/2012 2:19 pm
GERLACH/EMPIRE, Nev. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) -- Washoe County Sheriff's Office has released the crime citations and arrests made during this year's Burning Man event.

Thirteen misdemeanor citations (in lieu of arrests) for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana/drug paraphernalia) were issued. Seven DUI arrests were made. Four drug arrests and four warrant arrests were also made.

In the period between Aug. 22 and Sept. 6, Washoe County issued 472 traffic violations citations in the area of Gerlach and Empire.
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Thedre - 11/25/2012 7:40 AM
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It's amazing how many people think burning man some kind of religious freak show or cult , you can only feel sorry for them . They wanted to ban bike week in Dayton FL , and could not know how bad it effected the economy when the Harley dealer pulled out of Daytona and opend up outside Daytona because of all the BS !! Yes Burning Man is a freak show , if you don't like the traffic or the money it brings to your little desert town then go on vacation somewhere else that time of year ! Burning man needs to have some dumpsters at the exit gates that will help with the trash on the roads . Cops will be cops , they must just be mad for getting stationed out there in the desert with nothing to do till the "freak show" comes to town !!

Pr0t0Type - 9/17/2012 6:55 PM
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For fun I randomly picked the closest 60k populace town to Burning Man that I could find: http://www.crimemapping.com/map/nv/carsoncity Carson City according to population estimates has about 60k people living in it. I altered the dates to match those used for the arrest report at Burning Man. Turns out, good old God lovin', silent majority Carson City alone had 78 reported crimes including 11 DUIs (4 more than those pagan heathens at ttitd), 18 drug and alcohol violations (1 more than those godless druid loving man-burners - and that's if you count all the mention of drugs at all in the Burning Man report, there were actually only 4 drug arrests at BM), but that's not including the additional 23 reported theft/larceny and Burglaries, 16 vehicle break-ins/thefts, 2 sex crimes and 1 Arson in God fearing Carson City. There are cities all over the U.S. that make Carson City look like Disneyland. Not only do these cities never go away but they also leach your state and federal taxes, unlike the majority of burners who go home to their states, countries etc.. of origin. Seems to me like this city of 60k for two weeks is a near utopia bringing in infrastructure and raw commodity (not to mention the financial boost of increased commerce around the globe) in comparison to the Sodom or Gomorrah what is the average 60k city, and the best part is, it disappears for the rest of the year! Looks like default world pails in comparison to the moral depravity of Burning Man... I would point any self-righteous Christian to Matthew 7:5 or Luke 6:42 for clarity on this matter.

EventVolunteer - 9/17/2012 5:15 PM
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Paladin wrote: "We'll find something else to support our economy." OK, by all means please proceed with your something else. The event is not precluding you, Paladin, from finding something else to support the local economy the other 51 weeks of the year. Should you think up something, I am certain the organizers will assist you. Keep in mind the event supports local schools by donating expensive solar power systems that free up local communities' budgets for something other than electrical costs. Let's hear your ideas, Paladin.

StandsWithFist - 9/17/2012 1:53 PM
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I'm sory I missed this thread! Burningman should just get legal, become a religion, not pay taxes and abuse every legal loop they gain by becoming a religion.

Black Rocker - 9/17/2012 12:50 PM
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Burners are ruining the playa!

Corvus - 9/15/2012 5:20 AM
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To quote Freud, Paladin, sometimes a cigar is just a smoke. The man is just a wooden figure, with some fireworks and neon packed in. I suppose there may be some out there, but I have yet to meet anyone who believes praying to him or burning him will bring them a boon. Since the very definition of religion is "The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods," then no, it is not a religion, pagan or otherwise. I wouldn't go if it was.

Paladin - 9/13/2012 1:25 PM
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hdavis; WOW! You really believe that? If it looks, acts and quacks like a duck, IT IS A DUCK! What part of building a huge wooden effigy of a man as the central theme and focus of the whole weekend and then everyone surrounding it in adoration going OOOO and AHHHH while it burns, is NOT idol worship and paganism? You are acting just like our ancestors that stood around fires and grunted and chanted as druids in ancient europe or vikings in scandanavia or the huns of eastern europe or a host of others. Your "Man" symbol I see on all the cars is NO different than my christian cross. It is a symbol of your burning man religion. I have talked to many burners over the years who proudly claim it is their "religion." Why do you want to denounce the pagan lifestyle you have chosen to adopt? Are you not proud of it? Or are you one of those, like a couple of my friends that just goes out there to look at naked women covered with dirt all weekend long? I guess that would be the "Art" of the human form part of the event. Can't argue with that one if that is your real motivation.

hdavis - 9/12/2012 11:35 AM
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There is absolutely not undertones of religion or idol worship at Burning Man. They build amazing art and then at the end of the week, they burn it. I am not sure why you are going off on any tangent about religion when it's just not the case. There are people of every religious background that attend Burning Man, and there is no proselytizing going on there. This however, would explain the insecurity of the locals and that Mormon judge who thinks that this pagan event needs to be stopped. I'm not sure how these rumors get started, but I know there are tickets available for local to attend--and if they do, they will realize that this is a gathering of some of the most creative minds in the world, and it's all tongue-in-cheek fun. Maybe we will see you in 2013?

Paladin - 9/12/2012 9:12 AM
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Mayfly, Yes we the long time residents of Northern Nevada have for too many years comprimised our values for this almighty dollar you bring in once a year. I thought it was wrong when we allowed it to start and I do more than ever, now that it has become this gigantic spectacle. It is an embarrassment to say we support and sanction such a morally bankrupt parade of the bizarre. I can appreciate the "Art" side of it and the artcars and some of the costuming is clever, but the underlying theme of praying to the burning man as your god is still paganism and idol worship. It flies in the face of what I believe, what my ancestors have believed for 1000s of years and what the silent majority of this country believe. My moral belief says I need to tolerate your different views BUT I don't have to support them. I will defend your right to believe whatever you want but I don't have to be happy that you are flaunting it in my back yard. Christians have always been persecuted for their beliefs, hell, that is what started this country. I will not apologize any more for my Christian beliefs and say I support this, I don't care how many millions you drop in our laps.

hdavis - 9/11/2012 6:04 PM
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I am certainly empathetic to the local people who are affected by this event. I don't think I would be happy if this were in my back yard each year--BUT Nevada has a long history of selling it's soul for the dollar. Gambling and legal prostitution etc. I have an NFL football stadium 10 minutes from my suburban home, and I have to deal with insane traffic all during the football season. People get drunk and urinate in yards and generally make a mess. To have the police target every fan just to make a buck would be not only illegal but immoral. Two things that the State of Nevada lives by. If these things happened in Vegas, where tourists with lots of money were harassed, the Sheriff would be run out of town instantly. There is no doubt that the Gerlach area will dry up and wither without this event. The only people who don't know this yetis the locals. I am vasilating between thinking the event should move and let the area die, and standing firm on principle that Burning Man has every right to use that public land without some bumpkin, rural Sheriff making his own rules to drive it out of town. There are lots of other places to go, but it may be time to expose the illegal and heavy handed law enforcement, and keep this thing going in the Black rock Desert. If these action of illegally stoppi

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