Washoe transit system contract extended through July

The lead negotiator for the union representing Reno-area transit bus system employees reported progress in contract talks ahead of a deadline for expiration of the current two-year agreement.

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sierra11 - 6/30/2014 7:47 AM
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fastd this is the exact point of the problems with the Unions! They take a Job or Contract and in the midst of Construction or production they want more! The Unions get so drunk with the idea of making more money they forget about the profit and loss of the Company/corporation they are doing work for. That Company/Corporation in turn has to file for bankruptcy! Belittle my fellow American Workers? I don't think so, but some need to get a better view of the big picture.

steve - 6/30/2014 1:30 AM
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Terminate the transit workers with nevadas at will law. Replace the transit workers with new workers who enjoy employment.

fastd - 6/29/2014 11:54 PM
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sierra11 I won't disagree or dispute any of your comments but you left out that CEO pay has gone up 200% to in some cases 600% you should figure that into the price of your car too.As I wrote earlier even when companies get to break contracts they don't drop prices,the CEO's and boards of directors pocket the money and crate jobs overseas.It's sad that you would rather belittle your fellow American workers then discuss who's really looting this country.

sierra11 - 6/29/2014 9:33 PM
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@freedomrings, I'd be in a foxhole during a firefight any day with you brother!

sierra11 - 6/29/2014 9:21 PM
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My Grandfather from the dust bowl's of Oklahoma stood under a shade tree in the desert of Bolder City Nevada in the early 1920's. He stood with a group of men waiting for someone to be injured or killed during the Hoover Dam project. No guarantee of a permanent job, lunch or 10min break and the bosses used to pull up and point to the next men for work. Men had to work to a point of exhaustion or collapse. So this made Him a strong supporter of the Unions in later years. We have to give respect to the Unions for 40 hour work weeks, lunch and two 10 minute breaks during a shift....thank you. But somewhere from 1924 to present things have radically changed! Now we have Detroit Auto workers making $50 hr putting a plastic part on my truck that makes it worth $40,000 dollars! We have Union Construction Companies that solely work for Government Contracts(because the price is three times the amount as a normal proposal). The Fat Cats that sit on there a&& in the Union Halls could not make it doing there Trade out in the field, and by the way....for those in the Union. Where does the money come from for their paychecks? Your Salary! Don't be so foolish that you think they are working for you!They are working for themselves! I could really tear this up and go on but my point is somehow it has reversed and gone the other way too far. No wonder the Chinese dominate our economy. If you are a Union member, how the hell do you sleep at night when you shop at Walmart and then pound your chest about the Union!

fastd - 6/29/2014 3:56 PM
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freedumrings.I value honesty,the truth and facts.Pensions are not given they are generally paid into by the workers and are a form of deferred income.We(the company)pay you less upfront and you(the worker)can pay less in taxes and save for your retirement.Do you think that if the factories and the warehouses that hired and encouraged illegals to come here had been unionised, the companies that made all the money from cheap labor would have gotten away with it?Are there corrupt unions and lazy workers in them,I'm sure there are,but there are in none union jobs too.Also studies have been done the prove that when management uses chapter 11 to break union contracts and take the money out of the pensions to supposedly save a failing company that the boards of directors take the money and reward themselves before closing the company and moving on to the next victim.Last but not least most economists agree that the USA was at it's finacial peak in the 50s when taxes were the highest on the wealthy and union membership at it's peak.Workers pay their taxes they don't hide them in Switzerland and the Caymans.

freedomrings - 6/29/2014 3:20 PM
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Fastd, Couldn't be more wrong. More of an American than most. American values, funny you should mention that. Between the transplants and illegals values disappeared like the American dream that required only one income. This country needs to get back to basics, and that can't happen by giving out anymore free paychecks ( pension checks ). To support unions is to support organized crime. How American is that? What kind of values is that ?

fastd - 6/29/2014 3:07 PM
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freedomrings why do you hate America and our values.

freedomrings - 6/29/2014 2:28 PM
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Let them strike, bring in the scabs at half the salary, what ever it takes to break the unions back. Unions are a thing of the past, time for them to stop bankrupting everything in their path.

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