IHOP rampage prompts call for Nevada gun law review

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Updated: 10/23/2011 7:58 pm

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A deadly shooting rampage at a Carson City IHOP restaurant is prompting a call for a review of Nevada's gun laws.

Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman William Horne says it would appropriate for lawmakers to consider changes to the state's gun laws after a mentally ill man shot 11 people with an assault weapon last month at the IHOP, leaving five dead.

Horne says while he's a gun owner who supports gun rights, he questions why citizens need to own an assault weapon.

Among those opposing the sale of assault rifles to civilians is Nevada National Guard Sgt. Caitlin Kelley, who was seriously injured by Eduardo Sencion in the rampage.

But National Rifle Association officials say guns are not the problem, and the problem is with the people using them.

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theoverwatch2 - 11/1/2011 3:14 PM
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I will say this, I don't plan on turning in any of my guns when big brother declares them "illegal" so you can spout all that "Assault rifle" nonsense you want, but in Nevada, where there is an assault rifle in MORE homes than anywhere in the USA, its not going to float. Dont forget to highlight every shooting in the news and try to sway public opinion.. but it wont work, we are NOT California. I waned people about these Californians moving in when they tried to ban smoking first. I told them that they would come for the guns next... and sure enough.. they are.

Walkintall - 11/1/2011 10:46 AM
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Holy cow! Nuschler- Your comments are absolutely pathetic! "Fuzzies"? Gimme a break! Oh by the way I did join the Army to play in my cammies and shot machine guns and rocket launchers and missles all day long. And you know what?? I'm a gun owner! I have pointed a gun at more people than I can count. You know why? Because I am a law enforcement officer too! I have seen crimes involving firearms, suicides, and unfortunately children too. But you know what? I have seen more outstanding citizens protect themselves (or others) with a gun to keep away or stop some scumbag. I also know a guy from the land down under and he was there when they took all the guns. Guess what? Crime up exponentially and only the BAD GUYS have guns now! Another thing is check out operation fast and furious. This was a BATFE deal where they allowed criminals to buy and traffick guns to Mexico. Yup the feds. With taxpayer money to boot. So one day when your life is in imminent dangerof substantial harm, or death and a law-abiding citizen acts on your behalf to stop an attack then maybe your ignorance will fade. Good luck!

BitterOldMan - 10/26/2011 12:51 PM
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Nuschler; with 7 Billion Homosapiens on the earth We need population control and here is as good a place to start as any... I do agree the US exports terrorism with all the guns that leave our borders... I feel thou I should have a Right to protect my person and property from those who have no regard for the same... The first level of self defense Is yourself... Call a cop and see if one even shows up these days...

Speed - 10/24/2011 10:48 AM
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Nuschler; Gee,you sound like yo know what's going on,until we actually consider the source of your info. If just ONE person with a CCW had been there,there could have been a lot less injury. Okay-let's suppose private gun ownership is taken away from Americans. What stands between you and an armed meth-head? The Police? Sure-when seconds count,the Police can be right there in MINUTES. Maybe you can hit the guy with-what? A golf club? Not likely,since HE has a gun and you don't. See-making laws to take away our Second Amendment rights makes NOBODY safer except the CRIMINALS,because THEY don't comply with laws. THEY will ALWAYS find ways to get THEIR guns. American Citizens would not become SAFER-we'd become VICTIMS. How Hard is THAT to figure out? Taking away guns,huh? Yeah,good luck with that. Look how much it helped the violent crime rate in Australia,England,everywhere it's been done. My God-I sure hope you don't VOTE,and I hope your children don't go into the world with that faulty logic.

calico - 10/24/2011 10:22 AM
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I looked up the Hitler Nazi thing - no first he had the leaders of the democracy movement killed in an operation referred to as "Hummingbird." Martial law soon followed with no freedom of assembly, dissent, religion.

calico - 10/24/2011 10:09 AM
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Let's see - the Hitler comment. I don't think that the first thing he did was take away guns. He burned books and attacked the educated.

Kerley4me - 10/24/2011 9:14 AM
1 Vote
Laws are not going to keep criminals from getting or using guns. The first thing Hitler did was take the guns away from the citizens.

Nuschler - 10/24/2011 8:33 AM
1 Vote
I wanted to bring up one more thing. When Obama was voted in as our president the NRA and gun owners went ballistic! I'm not sure what was going on their tiny brains but they were terrified that Obama was going to steal their little warm, fuzzy toys. So ammunition factories were forced to go to 24 hour shifts 7 days a week in an attempt to keep up their orders. People were swarming into Wal-Marts (now there's a story in itself!) to buy thousands of bullets. Really? President Barack Obama has passed only two pieces of gun legislation...BOTH BACKED BY THE NRA! Now one is allowed to carry handguns in National Parks...That sure makes me feel better about hiking and camping in those beautiful places. Also, one can carry handguns in their luggage aboard Amtrak..another reason to avoid our nation's railroads. Ahhh America and it's love affair with guns! Ya know what? You love to play with guns? You love dressing up in fatigues and playing paintball? Have I got a job for you! Join the military and volunteer to go to Afghanistan! Be a real bad ass! And take the motorcycle "clubs" with you. They accept up to age 42 in the US Army now.

Nuschler - 10/24/2011 8:20 AM
1 Vote
"But National Rifle Association officials say guns are not the problem, and the problem is with the people using them." You gotta love the NRA! What a remarkably intelligent and yet nonsensical remark!! Gee I always thought assault rifles just went off by themselves! Kinda like people dying of spontaneous combustion! The USA is the ONLY country in the world that has ownership of guns in its CONSTITUTION! How nuts is that? There is absolutely NO need for guns in the world..None! They do one thing..kill people and many people at one time. Why you can buy a Glock hand gun with three extended magazines and kill a hundred people in under a minute..Heck you don't even need to buy an illegal MAK-90 as this guy had. But we are a country of very small-minded individuals who don't want their warm, fuzzy toys taken away from them. Like children with teddy bears or their blankies, NRA fanatics cry and whine for their guns. These people are nuts. Period. When more people have guns, we will have less people. 30,000 people died from guns in the USA last year...but here is the dirty little secret of gun violence...55%, 16,000 of these were suicides! Having guns in the home leads to an incredible number of suicides. Depressed over a job loss or a marriage gone bad? Shoot the boss, the spouse or yourself..sometimes all at once. France had 255 people die by guns. Canada? 165 deaths. The USA are the biggest gunrunners in the world! The drug cartels of Mexico all have American made guns. Civil war in the Congo which killed 8 MILLION people? US weapons. Don't worry about NAFTA taking our jobs! The USA is number one in making guns and ammunition and supplying the world! It's beyond ridiculous. But when anyone brings up gun control, people go crazy! If one is for gun control that person is called a "bleeding heart ", Commie-loving, homosexual. Funny? Not really.

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